Transformation and Change

The phrases ‘Transformation’ and ‘Change’ have become interchangeable for many people, and that isn’t always helpful. We see the difference as:

Change is always with us. Change management is implicit and incorporated into much of the work we do. It involves working incrementally to implement new processes and operational practices to improve efficiency and effectiveness. It may take place at any level in the organisation and may be contained within a single department or function
Transformation is a radical departure from the status quo – a major shift in how you do business, often driven by a changing marketplace, that impacts structure, culture or operating practice; often business wide in nature and with a cross-functional impact. Transformation not only requires the ability to work in new ways, but also an inner shift in people’s mental models of the organisation, values, behaviours and ways of interacting.
Transformation work demands a specialist approach and we can support you with:

  • Gaining clarity about what the scope of your transformation means and the business benefits you are seeking
  • Creating a new Business Operating Model or Target Operating Model
  • Post merger integration
  • Holistic and systemic approaches to transformation
  • Generating breakthroughs in your thinking
  • Employee engagement and strategic alignment
  • Large Scale Change/Large Scale Interventions
  • Facilitation

Like a caterpillar becoming a butterfly, transformation signals that the old way of working and existing are gone forever