Policy Manual

Does your policy manual sit in a drawer, unrevised since it was first authored and rarely consulted by anyone until a full-blown conflict invades the comfortable routine? The procedures and policies that are gathering dust are unenforceable if they have not been effectively communicated and consistently applied.

Is it time to blow the dust off the prototype and determine whether your policies and procedures…

  • Are communicated effectively to all employees, including recent hires
  • Are understood and encourage compliance
  • Satisfy legal requirements
  • Are routinely and uniformly enforced
  • Augment company mission and goals
  • Receive periodic review and maintenance
  • Are consistent with your practices

PCG Consulting can review your current manual to assure that it is viable or help you develop a first edition.

PCG can train your in-house staff in all aspects from recruitment to accommodation to separation. We provide useful, valid, and current methodologies to address the daily and bigger picture issues.