Public Relations Consulting

A presence in the media can be vital in raising awareness of a company's position and views, gaining public support, building and promoting a brand or product or mitigating a crisis.

The PCG knows that, done properly, public relations and media relations are powerful tools that can play a significant part in helping our clients to achieve their objectives.

Event Management

The PCG works with clients to deliver events and events programmes which bring together key stakeholders, encourage and inform debate and raise awareness of important issues.

The events we organise range in size and type from small round table discussions and dinners to large scale receptions, conferences and ceremonies.

A core principle of our approach is that an event should not just be something that is over in a day; we make sure that events result in follow-up activities that help our clients achieve their long-term objectives and contribute to their stakeholder engagement.

A pro-active approach

We believe our clients should make news rather than just respond to it. This is the foundation of all our public relations campaigns. We work with our clients to communicate their news and opinions in a way that will capture the attention and imagination of their audience

Content creation

Credible, impactful content is a key part of any successful public relations or public affairs campaign, ensuring the right messages are heard by the people with the power to effect change. The PCG Consultancy works with clients to create compelling content which can set the political and media agenda, as a key part of our political communications programmes.