Be a leader with our support

HRM Support for our clients

PCG can provide HRM services or train your in-house staff in all aspects from recruitment to accommodation to separation. We provide useful, valid, and current methodologies to address the daily and bigger picture issues.

Personal Career Development

Whether you are just starting your career, have been recently laid off and need assistance with a job search, are considering pursuing a new direction or simply want to make sure you’re prepared for a job search should you suddenly need to embark on one, we can help.


Business Management and Development Support

Our business management and development support practice draws a number of different fields together to bring a balanced approach to transforming business performance and improving organisational health. The outcome of which is to produce sustainable results in a high performing organisation.

Public Relations Support

A presence in the media can be vital in raising awareness of a company’s position and views, gaining public support, building and promoting a brand or product or mitigating a crisis. The PCG knows that, done properly, public relations and media relations are powerful tools that can play a significant part in helping our clients to achieve their objectives.